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8X8: Sponsor of Smarter Collaboration - Theatre 15

Smarter Collaboration - Theatre 15: Sponsored by 8X8

    • Wednesday

      Chris Marron: Speaking in the Smarter Collaboration - Theatre 15

      11.00 - 11.30

      Chris Marron

      Breaking down silos and improving collaboration to wow customers, enhance productivity and drive revenue.

      Chris Marron, Director of Competitive and Market Intelligence at 8x8, will explore the importance of collaboration and cross-functional cooperation in driving customer experience and profitability, investigating the benefits driven by breaking down silos between front and back-office functions to drive meaningful business benefits. 3 key delegate takeaways from session: • How to address the primary challenges holding businesses back from delivering great customer experiences • The business value of enabling collaboration across the business • How to transform the way employees communicate with customers - and with each other • Real-life success stories from customers that streamline communications

      Ian Guest: Speaking in the Smarter Collaboration - Theatre 15

      11.45 - 12.15

      Ian Guest
      Pure IP

      Building a secure and reliable telephony service for the modern workplace

      Communications remains a business-critical service but in the face of so much technological change, how do you ensure you deliver a secure, reliable, multi-national telephony service that flexes with your changing organisational needs. This session will outline the top considerations for service owners when tackling communications projects, including moving communications to the cloud (including Microsoft Teams), for specific voice related applications or replacement technologies including ISDN and PSTN. 3 key delegatge takeaways from session: - A roadmap for building out a reliable voice service for your business - Guidance on choosing the right technology options - An insight into the best practice approach

      Justin Hamilton-Martin: Speaking in the Smarter Collaboration - Theatre 15

      12.30 - 13.00

      Justin Hamilton-Martin
      Centile Telecom Applications

      Fixed-Mobile Convergence and it’s impact on UCaaS services

      This seminar will look at the traditional methods of adding Mobiles to a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering and the impact on users of this on both over the top and native SIM control as well as the options and opportunities that these open up. Three key session takeaways: Better understand the FMC space Understand the pros and cons of mobile technology offerings – not all FMC options are equal See what options and the paths this technology can create

      Joel Barnett: Speaking in the Smarter Collaboration - Theatre 15

      13.15 - 13.45

      Joel Barnett

      Why you shouldn't trust white papers to select your next contact centre solution

      In an increasingly saturated market, the ability to see past the marketing jargon is growing harder each year. To cut through the complex feature lists and understand what is actually deliverable should remain the ultimate goal. Market analysts like Gartner and Forrester provide a path to success but what are the alternatives. 3 key delegate takeaways from session: - Learn how to quickly shortlist solutions with our free methodology tool. - Learn how to compile your requirements and build a budget without engaging providers. - Learn how to look beyond marketing jargon to identify what is real and deliverable for your organisation.

      Greg Callanan: Speaking in the Smarter Collaboration - Theatre 15

      14.00 - 14.30

      Greg Callanan
      Inference Solutions

      The Future of Self-Service: Conversational AI goes Mainstream

      Customers are demanding a new type of service experience, favouring voice-driven self-service in many parts of the customer journey. AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) allow businesses of all sizes to automate live agent tasks and give consumers the type of conversational interactions that they get from their Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices. Join this session to learn how you can deploy IVAs quickly, affordably and effectively. 3 key delegate takeaways from session: • How self-service technology has matured over the last decade • How IVAs improve outcomes for customers, business teams and agents • What to consider when choosing an IVA platform

      Hans Ulrik Madsen: Speaking in the Smarter Collaboration - Theatre 15

      14.45 - 15.15

      Hans Ulrik Madsen

      The customer service journey towards unified communications with MS Teams

      Cloud-based Microsoft Teams will replace Skype for Business, and many customer-serving organizations are transitioning to Teams - an excellent collaboration tool which handles your telephony too. By integrating Teams with other essential UC business applications, you can build outstanding customer service and communication solution to handle all communication channels in one place with people presence overview, automatically collect statistics, and resolve inquiries first-point through integration with databases, knowledge portals, and CRM systems. 3 key delegate takeaways from session: • Customer service is a constant journey, and you need the right tools to deal with each stage • A combined MS Teams and UC solution is a flexible opportunity for organizations who want the ability to work on the go, with a choice between desktop, mobile, and web applications • Technically, switching from SfB to Teams isn’t hard, but you need to be prepared for the challenge of user adoption

      Ujwal Makhija: Speaking in the Smarter Collaboration - Theatre 15

      15.30 - 16.00

      Ujwal Makhija
      Phonon io


      Short Description of Seminar: (max 70 words, no bullet points or lists) Cloud AI like Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech and Conversational AI are opening up newer ways of how enterprises interact with end-users. New technologies lead to newer challenges. This seminar will cover how early adopters have automated, reviewed ,measured success and de-risked call centre AI implementations. 3 bullet point takeaways from session ie what are the main things a delegate will learn from your seminar Delegates attending the seminar will walk away with the following: 1. The potential of AI in disrupting how traditional call centres operate. 2. An understanding through case studies of how a truly omni-channel strategy can be deployed. 3. Techniques in ensuring successful deployments of AI at call centers.