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Vanessa Meyer: Speaking at the Smart Communication + Connected Business Expo

Vanessa Meyer

VP Marketing  -  Telavox

Beyond the Customer Service Function: How to make Customer Experience a mission for all!

What would it take from leadership, processes and tech to empower all employees to be more broadly engaged in collaborating with customers and colleagues as part of a customer service work ethic? And can well-known, traditional communications technology be repurposed to help achieve this objective?

Envision a world where the best elements of CRMs, Marketing Automation, Virtual Customer Assistants, Chatbots and IVRs (with a dash of AI) come together to provide a personalized, proactive and predictive customer experience.

3 key delegate takeaways from session:

- What business leaders need to consider if attempting to orchestrate a consistent and smart customer experience across all customer-facing departments (sales, marketing, support)
- How to determine if your organization is ready for customer-centric communication - where all employees are ready and able to act as service "agents"
- What marketing, support and sales would need from their tech and their leadership in order to see every internal process built, every tech adopted and every datapoint collected, through the eyes of the customers they seek to service.

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