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Stephen Rackham: Speaking at the Smart Communication + Connected Business Expo

Stephen Rackham

Head of Manufacturing, Services & Franchises  -  Hastee

Revolutionising the way people are paid, to help business growth.

Employers are placing more focus on workforce wellness, including stress management,
nutrition and fitness. But financial wellbeing needs to be part of the wellness agenda.
Finance-related stress is one of the biggest issues affecting UK employees, with 82%* of workers relying on high-cost credit between pay days.
Attracting and retaining talent is becoming even more of a challenge. Giving employees access to their earnings on demand, reduces their financial stress, improves productivity, reduces churn and ultimately increases company profitability.

3 point takeaways from session

- This is the way people will be paid, it's whether your business is being innovative or whether you wait until your competitors are offering Earnings on Demand.

- 54% of workers are more likely to stay with their employer if they offer flexible payment

- 27% of workers say that financial stress affects their performance at work

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