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Nicola Gumery: Speaking at the Smart Communication + Connected Business Expo

Nicola Gumery

Bureau Manager  -  Foehn Case Study - Agricultural & Horticultural Development Board

Transformation of the contact centre at AHDB

Nicola has transformed the contact centre operation at AHDB. Taking the operation from an inbound, reactive and uncontrolled environment to a fully transparent, efficient and successful contact centre delivering tremendous value to both levy payers and within AHDB.

Finding a route into a leading contact centre solution like Genesys Cloud was key. Working with the right partner at the right pace (and right price!) has led to a platform for growth.

1. You’re never too small to be a call centre – finding the right entry point into Genesys Cloud
2. Everybody loves metrics! – How AHDB improved visibility, added value to levy payers and made the contact centre famous within AHDB
3. Fire? What fire? – A real-life story of getting a contact centre up and running within minutes when disaster hits

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