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Jay Thattai: Speaking at the Smart Communication + Connected Business Expo

Jay Thattai

Director  -  CXONCLOUD

How delightful is your customer journey?

In this digitally transformed world, Word Of Mouth Marketing is still the most consistent cost-effective technique. What drives word of mouth in 2020? It’s not the price, product or promotion. It’s the Customer eXperience (CX) that drives repeat & referral business. This session is for businesses (MSME & large enterprises) to understand & fix the CX gaps in their customer journey. Let’s humanize digital experiences for a delightful customer experience.

3 key delegate takeaways from session:
-Measuring customer journeys - With the key CX metrics.
-Rating your customer journey - An interactive self-assessment.
-Fixing disruptions in the customer journey - Causes & solutions.

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