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Emma Harvey: Speaking at the Smart Communication + Connected Business Expo

Emma Harvey

Workforce Optimisation & Voice/Multi-Channel Recording Expert  -  Business Systems (UK) Ltd

Making Call Recordings Sexy and Safe – what's not to like?

Harvard Business Review once called data analytics the sexiest career of the century. Contact Centres with their vast Call Recording repositories became the pinnacle of 'business intelligence'– assuming one had access to the content!

Over time most Contact Centres have inadvertently compromised their data through system upgrades, making analysis impossible and raising corporate risk. 'Wordwatch' restores content access, allowing analytics to work and business to prosper – sexy and safe, voila!

3 key delegate takeaways from session:

- Managing disparate silos of call recording data from multiple systems and suppliers into a centralised management system
- Uniformity of data, management control and auditable access across the entire call recording estate
- Open API's allowing you to extract data for applications such as speech analytics

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