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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


David Cousins: Speaking at the Smart Communication + Connected Business Expo

David Cousins

Solutions Sales Specialist  -  Twilio

Augmenting your Contact Centre for success with Twilio Flex

Existing investments, technical debt, a multitude of systems; all reasons that inhibit organisations from building the customer and agent experiences they want and need. Learn how, through augmentation with Twilio, organisations can all be disruptors, integrating and building new and efficient processes for the entire contact centre ecosystem, whilst focussing on ROI and preserving investments. Twilio will share thought leadership, common use cases, as well as less common innovations, illustrated with customer stories and real-life examples for the modern age of programmable contact centre.

3 key delegate takeaways:
● How to approach outcomes-based technology investments
● What augmentation within the contact centre ecosystem really means
● How some of the world''s most innovative organisations take full advantage of Twilio for their success

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