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Clare Muscutt: Speaking at the Smart Communication + Connected Business Expo

Clare Muscutt

Founder & Director  -  CMXperience Ltd

How to be Awesome at Transformation

When businesses decide to transform and base their approach on cost saving or digital, the results are often not as Awesome as they hoped for. The outcome may well save money and/or land new tech, but the unintended consequences include causing new customer pain points and disengaging employees.

Clare Muscutt joins us to share her insight into how applying design thinking can provide an alternative, more people centred approach that can still get the business benefits you hoped for but, as an outcome of creating a clear vision and roadmap that starts by understanding and improving the customer and employee experience, first.

3 key delegate takeaways from session:
• An understanding of the 3 levels of business transformation
• An appreciation of the design thinking discipline
• Ideas for how you can apply design thinking to be more people centric in your approach to transformation

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