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X2O Media

X2O Virtual Classroom

The X2O Virtual Classroom is the future of remote meetings and training. It combines the benefits of live, instructor- or moderator-led training with the power and flexibility of a cloud-based virtual platform. The X2O Virtual Classroom supports 100+ remote participants that appear on dedicated avatar displays with directional audio. Employees experience a unique interactive classroom environment between the remote and the in-room employees - remote employees are able to feel more connected and engaged with their in-office colleagues. The X2O Virtual Classroom saves enterprises money by reducing business travel while providing an unparalleled remote experience for their employees.

Enterprise Unified Communications

X2O Media offers an innovative way for companies to communicate with their employees. Improve employee engagement and corporate-wide engagement with X2O channels that deliver targeted channels featuring videos, graphics, images and real-time data to employees on their device of choice. With an intuitive platform, any employee can create and share stunning channels without needing video or graphics expertise. By displaying information on mobiles, desktop and corporate displays, users maximize internal communications efforts without having to use multiple content management systems, users can quickly maximize internal marketing communications efforts without having to use multiple content management systems.

X2O Room Scheduling

X2O Room Scheduling is a robust meeting room scheduling solution with hardware and software to manage meeting room signage. The X2O Room Scheduling solution is designed to improve meeting space utilization by streamlining the booking process of a room in today`s busy corporate environment. An ideal solution for enterprise deployments, the X2O Platform incorporates X2O Media`s content management system, remote device control and integration with leading calendar management systems which is fully integrated with a 10.1-inch screen with full touch capabilities, Power-over-Ethernet and 1280×800 resolution for optimal clarity of on-screen graphics.

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