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Smart and Connected ' Customer Engagement for the Experience Economy

11 Nov 2020
SCCB Keynote Theatre 3

We've had the technology to deliver personalised communications for some time, but too many organisations are still using undifferentiated messages. So, is it any surprise that customers are switching to businesses they feel ‘connected to'? Customers expect every communication to be hyper-personal and based on understanding their needs. When we know what customers really care about, we can tailor channel, message and action - connecting with customers how they want.

3 key takeaways from session:

  • How to uncover what your customers really care about
  • Practically orchestrating communications & interactions around the customer
  • How to optimise customer communications on the basis of measureable business results
Peter Dorrington, Founder - XMplify Consulting
SCCB Keynote Theatre 3: Sponsored by 8x8