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From Feedback to Collaboration

11 Nov 2020
Theatre 15 - Smarter Collaboration

Find out how Voice of the Customer (VOC) technology has moved on from one-way customer feedback to two way conversations, allowing you to bring the customer into the heart of your business using collaboration and action planning. Christopher Brooks, CEO of Clientship talks to Helen Burt about how the new model for VoC is delivering a better customer experience and value for clients. With examples from brands such as Mazda and Abanca.

3 key takeaways from session:

  • Why your expectations of what VoC can deliver for you should increase
  • How to get even more, for less from customer feedback
  • What ‘action planning ' is why it's the new ‘gold' in customer experience
Christopher Brooks, Clientship CX Specialist - Clientship
Theatre 15 - Smarter Collaboration: Sponsored by 8x8